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I was looking for a trainer for a while that could help me take my workouts to another level so I could get real results. The challenge was finding someone that was knowledgeable enough to know my strength and weaknesses and to push to me to get where I want to be. After I’ve started training with Zora, I have a very different attitude towards training. I enjoy the workouts with her every single session and if I miss a session I can't wait to get back again. Zora is professional, motivating and fully committed.

Sheida, project manager, Dubai

One of the few personal trainers who constantly challenges me, motivates me, and always manages to bring me back on track. As someone who always looked away from the gym, Zora managed to keep me in the gym for the last 2 years. Zora is a real professional I continue to recommend her with no hesitation.

P. Shams, human resources, Dubai

Zora has been my instructor for the past few days, she knows exactly the kind of exercise that is required for my body. She listens to my concerns patiently and treats my body in the right way. I have tried to do so many sports, it alws left me tired and weary after a session with her I have so much energy for the rest of the day and can see the results already. If you're training with her u will also be blessed with the best stretch ever. Also need to mention she is very professional, honest and fun. Would highly recommend her to anyone.

Deepti Chandran, Dubai

A UAE national lady, works in Dubai and believes that doing any kind of sport will not only get you in shape, but also will relieve you from stress and make you feel happy.

I started to take personal trainer this year; Zora is one of the best personal trainers I have met. She is committed, knows what you want and of course you achieve the desired results.

Aisha Alloghani, Dubai

Motivates you to workout more. Great trainer! I personally lost 2 kgs in 20 days.

Lootah, Dubai

The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Zora and her perfect training methods and individualized exercise programs. She is very skilled and thoughtful, and it is pleasure to work with and talk to. Zora is the best trainer in Dubai I can recommend.

Mileva Karabasil, dentist, Dubai

Zora has a unique ability to make me feel good about myself. Her positivity rubs off on me and since meeting her I have felt that nothing is impossible. Anything can be done with determination. Her work outs are varied and customised to me. She puts thought and effort into giving me an efficient workout. After an intense workout she spends time properly stretching me to the extent where I feel as though I'm doing yoga! She follows this with a short massage which is rejuvenating and relaxing. My flexibility levels have increased dramatically in such a short period and my stamina keeps getting stronger daily.

Dr. H. Geilani, General Adult and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dubai